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2002 Burmester Port, 2002

Vintage Port
In Branded Gift Box
Special Offer | Was £69 | Now £49.95

This 2002 Burmester Vintage Port has outstanding provenance! This bottle has been stored at the Burmester cellars on Porto since bottling until it was acquired by us earlier this year.

from the very good 2002 Port Vintage the Burmester has a beautiful mature tawny colour. On the nose it has cocoa, chocolate together with a hint of mint. On the palate this is quite complex - medium bodied with a perfect balance between the acidity, tannins and flavours, there is a little spiciness in the mouth that adds to the experience. Long, long finish. This is in a good place and should hold well for a couple of decades.

Price: £49.95 (188 in Stock)

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Palmer Port

20 Year Old Tawny Port
VWP exclusive | Was £34.95 | Now £29.95

The outstanding Palmer 20 year old Tawny Port - exclusive to VWP.

Tasting Notes: The Palmer 20 Year tawny has a pronounced aroma intensity that is very rich with nuts and baked cherry. There is further complexity of nutmeg and cream. On the palate the wine is very balanced between acidity and sweetness that gives a luxurious mouthfeel. Lovely richness of fruitcake, fig, baked plum, caramel and toffee. There are also notes of plum, cherry, cooked strawberry. This port has a lovely, rich long finish.

The wine is ready to drink and does not require decanting. The bottle should be kept upright protected from direct sunlight.

Price: £29.95 (105 in Stock)

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Chateau Beychevelle, 2002

St Julien 4me Cru Classe
SpeciaL offer | Was £119 | Now £99

Beychevelle 2002 is an excellent solid-wine from a good vintage. This light to medium-weight wine exhibits a dark ruby colour, and a straightforward, redcurrant-scented nose with toast and earth in the background. Low acidity, high tannin, and sweet fruit result in a good impression.

Price: £99.00 (7 in Stock)

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20 Year Old Tawny port
Special Offer | was £34.95 | Now £29.95

Quevedo Tawny 20 Years Old is a delightful brown with amber nuances. On the nose there is an aroma of almonds, caramelized nuts with a slight hint of coconut. In the mouth it is soft and delicate, with a grape touch passes and soft caramel.

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*** 90 Points - Decanter ***
This 20 Year Old tawny port from Quevedo has a Brick red centre with a tawny rim. Fresh, youthful fruit-driven style, showing summer fruit. Quite, soft and delicate initially with superb persistence and breadth. Mellifluous length.

Price: £29.95 (81 in Stock)

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Quinta da Devesa

20 Year Old Tawny Port in presentation box (75cl)
94 Points - Mark Squires (eRobert Parker) Exclusive Offer | Only £29.00

Tasting Notes:
The Quinta da Devesa Colheita Tawny is orange-brown in coloir with a slight verdant edge. Orange peel and smoky caramel notes on the nose. Maple and orange notes, spice on the palate. Full bodied and in perfect balance this is a delightful, yet a powerful and lively wine. A

20 Year Tawny Quinta da Devesa Technical Sheet

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Price: £29.00 (41 in Stock)

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Quinta da Devesa

20 year old White Port in presentation box (50cl)
92 Points - Robert Parker

Tasting Notes:
The 20 Years White Port is a field blend from old vines (50 plus years). It was bottled in January 2015 with 105 grams per liter of residual sugar. Fresh, lovely and delectable, this is perfectly balanced, focused and young. There isn't a lot of complexity early on (noting that this a 20), but it does show some more mature flavors as it airs and warms. Impeccably balanced, this is a beautiful 20 that lingers endlessly and tastes just great. Note that this was tasted from a 500-milliliter bottle.


20Year White Quinta da Devesa Technical Sheet

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